2018 – onwards and upwards

Recruiting for the 2018 Season has been going quite well with the nucleus of last season’s side being retained. What the pride had lacked this year was for a person to steer the side around. So we needed this and set out making this person a priority for next season. We never took control of sides in field positions and this eventually told on our winning record as we couldn’t put sides away and were left in bad situations in the last 10 minutes.

With this in mind, planning for the 2018 season, we needed to rectify this and be competitive, we went looking for a player to steer us around the paddock.

Northern Pride welcomes Todd Carney to Cairns for the next 3 seasons. Todd will bring this much needed guidance to the team and also a handy good kicker. He has a lot of experience on offer, and the younger players being around Todd, are going to gain valuable knowledge of the game. Yes, Todd has had a chequered career but having played the last 3 years in France and England he has certainly matured and learnt from his mistakes.

Todd comes to the Pride looking for a life after Rugby League and the Pride will give him this. Starting with his off field role of Development Officer. This role has Todd visiting Schools throughout Cairns, Tablelands, down to Innisfail and Tully with the Pride Development Team.

Todd then wants to progress into the Coaching ranks, this is where the Pride again can help him with opportunities in U18 and U20’s in the years to come.

The pride welcome back David Murphy from Easts for the 2018 season. David won Northern Pride Player of the Year in 2016 season.

Justin O’Neill has been appointed Operations and Welfare Officer-Welcome aboard Justine!

New Coaches for the Pride -U 18- Tye Ingebrigtsen, U20- Dave Scott, Strength and Conditioning Coach- Scott Callaghan, Welcome to the Pride Gentlemen!

The 3 Coaches come with high recommendations, so we are pleased to secure them for the next 2 years.

The Pride also welcome back Alan Marsh to the Managers Position for the ISC side.

Season memberships will be available soon to be purchased within 2 weeks the players start pre season.

Ceo G.D

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