Life Sumo

Business Name: Life Sumo

Business Description:

Life Sumo is a Financial Services Firm located in Cairns, Australia. We help navigate you through some of the trickier and more complicated parts of life, breaking down the confusing world of Superannuation, Investments and Personal Protection.

We have also partnered with local professionals in a wide range of areas to help provide practical advice and information on a range of major life skills – from how to change a car tyre to how to basic cooking.

Why are we doing this?

The world is a far better place when we raise the collective intellect – that’s our mission. You are at your most powerful when you are conscious and aware. No longer will we be able to say “I wish I’d learned that at high-school”… the answers are all here.

We are qualified and experienced at all facets of financial advice and are capable of assisting all enquiries. Our passion and focus lies with millennials to Gen X’s as we ensure that proper education and knowledge is given at an early stage of their working life.

PH: James Mousa – 0415 224 586    Rhianne Rees – 0415 554 950

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