Simon George & Sons

Simon George & Sons is the premier produce wholesaler in Australia, consistently offering the highest quality produce in the market. We have built and maintained this reputation across the nation for over 80 years and four generations.

With a long and proud history in the fruit and vegetable industry, we have always provided the highest quality fresh fruit and vegetables to our customers. We ensure our produce remains top quality when it’s delivered to your business.

As a top fruit wholesaler, we only select from the best growers to guarantee your business receives unmatched quality. Seasonality is a key factor in the produce we provide during the year, so we employ ongoing communication strategies with our customers to ensure they take full advantage of the most seasonal fruit and vegetables available. These are just a few reasons why you will not find a more customer-focused fruit supplier and vegetable wholesaler in Australia.

At Simon George & Sons, we are proud to say we are number one among fruit and vegetable suppliers nationwide, with a sturdy list of long-term, loyal customers. Whether you’re looking for produce wholesalers in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Darwin, Townsville or Cairns, we are the team of committed individuals to speak to.